About Our Programs

3 Day Program

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday                                       
Morning Program: 9:15-11:45
Afternoon Program: 12:30-3:00
All Day Program: 9:15-3:00 (4- and 5- year olds only)

Class size will be limited to 22 children. One teacher and one aide will conduct this class. A child who is four years old by September 30th will be considered first to fill classes. 

It is our desire that we provide a quality, educational, preschool experience for each child at Faith Preschool. We want to insure the children are in a loving, Christian environment at all times.  In the 4 year class we provide many activities to insure each child’s social and emotional growth is a healthy one.  Each activity is carefully prepared by the teachers.   The children like to be actively involved and when creating the curriculum, Faith Preschool considered the childrens’ interests first.    

Art is one of the most important parts of the 4’s curriculum.  The children are very active in making their “own” art creations.  The teacher will demonstrate the art activity for the day and the students will follow directions and also use their own imagination.  Many art projects allow for freedom with the art supplies to encourage the child to use their imagination.  We continue to develop fine motor skills, such as cutting, writing, and putting puzzles together.

Cooking experiences are included in the 4’s curriculum at Faith Preschool.  We teach the children about the major food groups and making good, healthy choices when choosing foods to eat.  The children continue to learn math skills by measuring ingredients.  The children use graphs and charts to show favorite choices of the foods.  Through the cooking experiences, everyone learns to follow directions closely so the outcome of their food is a good one.

Math is taught through various approaches.  The children count each day, learn new numbers, and play games to develop math skills.  Some math games include counting, sorting objects and placing objects in categories.  These techniques are very useful and the children learn so quickly. 

Science experiments help children explore their surroundings.  We discuss bugs, animals, rocks, trees, flowers, weather, and much more.  We even take the children on a nature walk and allow the children the opportunity to tell us about nature and science.  Children always seem to enjoy finding out new information about these topics.

Language Development is extremely important for young children.  Each month we have show and tell, which gives each child a chance to talk about what they brought into show the class.  We always have many discussions about different subjects, flannel board stories, poems, finger plays, and most importantly, books.  We read a book to the children every day they come to class.  Each child is given a “library card” to use throughout the year at the Faith Preschool Library.  Each child will check out one book weekly and keep it in the classroom to use.  Each child will learn the responsibility for having a library card, and keeping their book in good condition.  This is a great opportunity to encourage children to love books, and learn to read.  We hope by the end of the preschool year, each child will go to their local library and get their own library card to use.  Parents are frequently encouraged to read to their child everyday to insure success in their child’s schooling in the years to come.

Dramatic play and music and movement encourages free expression and also allows the children to use their imagination.  We give the children many opportunities on a daily basis to use the puppets, dress up clothes, blocks, and many others.  Music is a very important part of the preschool experience for young children.  We use music to teach the children their alphabet, numbers, shapes, days of the week, and the months of the year.  The children also sing “You’re A Grand Old Flag” everyday they attend class.  The 4’s classes have a Christmas and spring program where the children sing for their audience.  The children always love to perform for their family and friends.

Physical Development is also included each day through using large muscle play on our playground or the children will play in the large muscle room.  We have big balls for the children to use, tricycles, parachutes, soccer balls, basket balls, kick ball, and many other games for the children to get actively involved in their physical environment.  We teach that exercise is a very important part of being healthy.

One on one instruction is provided for children that need the “extra” push or help before entering kindergarten.  Parents may request this help from the director or teacher at anytime during the year.  We are always willing to help all children be the best that they can be.  Our teachers are very dedicated to teaching young children and are available for conferences at any time during the year when one is requested.